Sea Lion close up

Monica the Sea Lion

Monica is one of our four Californian sea lions living at Woburn Safari Park at Sea Lion Cove and Sea Lion Beach in the Foot Safari area of the park.

Find Me in... the Sea Lion Cove

Monica the Sea Lion

Monica is one of two sets of mothers and daughters.  Monica has been at Woburn for a number of years, and has given birth to one pup in that time - Leoni, who still lives with her here. 

Although Monica (affectionately known to keepers as ‘Mon’) is one of the oldest sea lions at Woburn Safari Park, she definitely doesn’t act her age!

She can often be found playing in her pool, floating on her back and using her flipper to splash water into her own mouth. She is a very affectionate girl and is happy to give keepers and VIP visitors a kiss or a hug - even when you aren’t expecting one!  

She weighs an amazing 90kg, which is a pretty normal weight for a female sea lion, but it can be a lot to handle when she leans on you or jumps up to give you a kiss!

You will find Monica and all of our girls, either swimming in their pool, relaxing out on the beach, or showing off in our daily demonstrations. Monica knows over 100 behaviours and loves to perform for a crowd, so come along and give her a wave, she might wave back! In the main season (Feb to October each year) there are three daily demonstrations at Sea Lion Cove / Beach each day.