Star Monkey Berlinga 2

Berlinga the Monkey

Berlinga lives in the African Jungle drive-through reserve at Woburn Safari Park and is part of the troop of Barbary Macaques monkeys.

Find Me in... the African Forest

Berlinga the Monkey

Berlinga is a Barbary Macaque. He was born at Woburn Safari Park on April 29th 2003. He lives with a troop of Barbary Macaques, Patas monkeys and Eastern Mountain Bongo in the African Jungle section of the Road Safari. The African Jungle is a large enclosure with over 120 trees which allow our primates to climb up to 80ft high!

Berlinga is one of the breeding males in the troop and he has quite a distinctive scar under his right eye and a split in his right ear.

Berlinga is a very confident and bold individual and is often seen riding on the bonnet of the parks Landrovers! He enjoys foraging for insects in the log piles, which ia an excellent forms of enrichment. Keepers place these piles to encourage and stimulate natural behaviour.

Barbary Macaques are an endangered species and Berlinga has already successfully fathered a number of Macaque babies which currently live within our ever expanding troop at Woburn. Keepers are expecting more of Berlinga’s offspring to be born this year.