Tullulah Flipped

Tullulah the African Lion

Tullulah is one of the lionesses within our pride of nine lions at Woburn Safari Park. She is actually the cousin of the other individuals within the pride, but is treated like a fellow sibling.

Tullulah the African Lion

Tullulah lives in a large 32 acre enclosure where she can roam free (except for an area towards the security gates), under the supervision of an experienced keeper on patrol. The lions have a house where they spend time overnight, with access to a smaller paddock. This provides 24/7 access outdoors.

Tullulah is one of the lightest in colour and most slender lionesses within the pride and has a very distinctive feature, a small cut to her left ear.  She is quite a mysterious character within the pride and at times is very deceptive, she will sit with her eyes partially closed; to the untrained eye she looks like she is sleeping but in fact, she is very much awake and alert to her surroundings - don’t be fooled!!

Tullulah has days where she can be very playful. She, just like the other members of the pride, is very fast and can reach a top speed at full sprint of 50 mph.  She can only maintain this for a short period of time, however this is enough to keep her keepers on their toes, while supervising her in the lion enclosure. 

She loves to play with rope balls and scented mats that are provided for her as enrichment. Tullulah isn’t much of a tree climber, but this doesn’t mean she couldn't if she wanted too, she is an extremely strong individual and has sharp claws which would help her to climb.