Star animal - Gilbert Flipped

Gilbert the Penguin

Woburn Safari Park has a large collection of Humboldt penguins, including 24 adults and an ever growing population of young.

Find Me in... the Penguin World

Gilbert the Penguin

Gilbert is the easiest of our penguins to spot, for two reasons. Firstly for the distinctive pattern of spots on his chest, which we use to identify all of our penguins.

Gilbert has a large backwards ‘S’ shape on the left of his chest, which is very easy to spot. Keepers have to learn and memorise all the spot patterns of each penguin and  each one is unique, so Gilbert is a nice easy one to learn!

The second reason is that Gilbert is the greediest penguin we have! At feeding times you will find all of our penguins diving into the pool in a fish feeding frenzy, swimming around at top speed, except for Gilbert, who you will find stood at the keeper’s feet, waiting to be hand fed! This trick usually works, and much to the crowd’s amusement Gilbert will eat an amazing amount of fish, sometimes over 30 spratts in one sitting.

When he isn’t waiting for his lunch you will find him swimming in the pool with the rest of the group, or in his nest site with his partner, Gil. They live happily together in their self-dug burrow on the right hand side of the bank, right next to the fence.