Alpaca Outpost

The Great Woburn Railway is included in your great value ticket price. At scheduled times throughout the day, climb aboard at Bison Halt and take the train through the all new Alpaca Outpost!

We are excited to announce a furry herd of 10 alpacas arrived at the Safari Park in December 2018 and you are now able to hop off the train to experience these animals feeding them from hand! 

Delighted keepers also recently announced the arrival of their first alpaca baby 'cria'. Born to a female alpaca named Lacquer, the new arrival is hoped to be the first of several babies due to arrive.

Visitors can meet the herd at Alpaca Outpost and feed them some tasty treats when you hop on the Great Woburn Railway at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm each day.  

Please note: The Alpacas are new to the Park. They may need a little time to adjust to their surroundings