Alpaca Outpost

A herd of ten friendly alpacas arrived at the Safari Park in December 2018 and visitors can now hop off the train to meet them. 

The Great Woburn Railway is included in your great value ticket price but if you would like to have a go at hand feeding the friendly herd too, it's just 50p for a pot of feed!

Climb aboard the Great Woburn Railway from Bison Halt at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm each day.  

Delighted keepers also recently announced the arrival of four alpaca baby crias so visitors can now also enjoy meeting the youngsters Taco, Tarquin, Teak and Tasha!

Taco The First Baby Alpaca To Be Born At Woburn Safari Park

About the herd

Led by breeding male Amoro, the herd consists of four males, six females and four recently born babies (crias).

The herd, who arrived from Beale Park and Houghton Hall Alpacas, were slowly introduced to new people by keepers and although they were a little shy to start with, they are now happy to be hand-fed a tasty choice of grains and carrots by their daily visitors.