Frequently Asked Questions

What is Woburn Safari Park? 

Woburn Safari Park is a large 360 acre park, home to over 1,000 wild animals living in large drive-through enclosures.  You will drive onto the estate and once past the ticket lanes, you enter the Road Safari which takes around an hour (or longer on a busy day).  You can't get out of your car or open your car windows for your own safety, as wild animals live here. 

There is also a Foot Safari and Leisure Area, where you can park for free and explore lots more animal enclosures, listen to keeper talks and demonstrations and enjoy the free indoor and outdoor play areas.

Click here to download a map of the park.

Read a handy guide to spending your day at the park here.

Do I need my own vehicle?

Yes, you can only enter Woburn Safari Park in your own vehicle, you cannot enter the park if you are on foot. There is no height or weight restriction on vehicles. 

Please note: cabriolet and soft top convertible cars will not be allowed access into the Kingdom of Carnivores or African Forest for safety reasons.

More information on vehicle accessibility can be found here

How do I book tickets?

- Book online:

Save money and book your tickets online in advance. You can use our secure site to purchase tickets, print your email order confirmation and bring it with you on arrival.  If you don't have a printer, simply make a note of the order reference number.

Online tickets must be made at least one hour before arrival on the day of your visit. Click here to book online now!

- Pay on the gate: 

Drive into the park entrance and queue up in the ticket lanes, you can purchase your tickets upon arrival, on the day of your visit.

Is there a family ticket available?

Yes, you can purchase family tickets online only. They are not available at the entrance gate; click here to save on ticket prices!

Do I need to print my online ticket?

If you don't have a printer, we can look up your online e-ticket by the transaction reference code and using the postcode you booked with.  This may slow down the transaction time at the gate.  There is no specific ticket lane for online tickets, you can queue at any available ticket lane/s on arrival.

Can I change my booking or get a refund?

If you have booked a ticket online, but need to change the date to a different date, then you will be charged a £1 admin fee (per ticket) on the gate on arrival.  Your ticket can be used for alternative dates in the same season, or may be be an additional upgrade charge payable. ('Main Season' is from the beginning of February half term to the end of October half term and 'Winter Season' runs from end of October half term to beginning of February half term.)

We regret it is not possible to make refunds in respect of cancelled bookings. 

Can I use a promotion code or voucher?

We occasionally have special discounts or vouchers. Please bring an original copy of the voucher (no photocopies will be accepted) within the valid date of expiry. Only one voucher can be accepted per person per entry, please check the terms and conditions on the voucher carefully.

Can I use Tesco Clubcard Vouchers?

Tesco Clubcard vouchers must be ordered via the Tesco Clubcard website. We only accept the specific Woburn Safari Park Clubcard Voucher, not the £10 Days Out voucher. These vouchers may not be accepted for selected events through the season. Please check event details before booking for possible restrictions.  

I haven't got a car, can I walk in and just do the Foot Safari?

Woburn Safari Park is only accessible by car and admission tickets is based on one or more individuals entering the park in a vehicle. Your ticket includes both Road Safari and Foot Safari areas of the park and we cannot grant access to the public on foot, as entry is via the wild animal reserves. 

We want to drive to the park separately but use one car in the Road Safari, where can we leave the other car?

On arrival you will be directed to a car park in the leisure area, the best option is to park your car there, then just follow the re-entry route in the car you will be using. 

Can I feed the animals?

No, here at Woburn Safari Park the animals are given food and care that is as close to natural as possible, replicating how they would live in the wild. Their food and feeding patterns are designed to follow their natural behaviours, for example foraging, digging or diving. Food is specially controlled for each animal's diet, to keep them nice and healthy!

In Rainbow Landing you can purchase small pots of nectar to feed to the Lorikeets and Lories. They will be eager to fly down and take a drink from you!

If you are interested in helping the keepers to feed some of the larger animals at the park, please see the VIP Experiences page. Book a special experience and help the team to muck out, feed the animals and learn all about the daily care routines. 

Are the animals going to damage my car?

You enter the park at your own risk and drive alongside many large animals so there is always a small risk that your car could be damaged, however this is not a common occurrence.  You are reminded to keep moving through each section to avoid any damage, particularly in the tigers and bears enclosures. Please remember to keep doors and windows closed.

Will we still see the animals if it's raining?

The animals are very used to our British weather as most were born in this climate in either the UK or Europe. The animals have the choice to be in day shelters alongside the Road Safari drive through, so they can have shelter if they need it. 

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, give us team a call on 01525 290407