Keeper Spotlight - Louise Moody Student of the Year 2015

Woburn Safari Park's Louise Moody is awarded Student of the Year 2015

Louise Moody, a keeper in Animal Encounters, achieved the student of the year award in 2015. This award came as fantastic recognition for Louise's hard work and revealed her to be the highest achiever from amongst all the studying keepers the UK's animal collections. Louise focused her specialist research study on influencing factors on weight in yellow mongoose. This type of research will not only benefit Woburn Safari Park's aim of providing the highest level of care for its animals, but can also be useful to other animal collections that hold this species. 

Overview of Study on Yellow Mongoose 

Title: Influencing factors on weight in captive Yellow mongoose (Cynictis penicillata)

Abstract: The original intentions of this study were to assess influencing factors and subjectivity on body condition scoring in captive Yellow mongoose (Cynictis penicillata). However, after contacting many collections (refer to Appendix 1 for the questionnaire sent to collections holding C. penicillata), and conducting research on the subject, it became clear that body condition scoring is a method that is yet to be utilized with this particular species, or any other species of mongoose. It also became apparent that little is documented on the husbandry and ideal body weight of this species, and how different factors can influence body weight. This study aims to gather information on C. penicillata body weights and analyze this data to determine influencing factors on body weight in captive C. penicillata.