Educational School Trips and National Curriculum

Reduced admission for educational groups

School and college groups can enjoy a significantly discounted admission rate and enjoy unparalleled close encounters with some of the most magnificent and endangered animals in the world, including tiger cubs and an elephant calf!

Interactive sessions

School children and students can enjoy a 30 minute interactive session in our Visitor Enrichment Centre. These sessions combine technology with artefacts and, for some lucky children, the chance to meet a live animal.

Curriculum linked learning

All of our sessions are linked to the national curriculum and give children the chance to learn more about animals and conservation in a lively, hands on way. Key Stage One and Two can discover more about endangered species, habitats, feeding, senses and moving or grouping animals. Key Stage Three can find out more about endangered species and the law, habitats and adaptations and classification whilst Key Stage Four can enjoy learning about the role of a zoo or how Woburn helps conservation.

Hands on experiences

We also extend the learning outside of the classroom. Schools can book an educator to join them on their coach journey around the drive through. As they make their way through animal enclosures, their guide will give them an interactive tour including information our animal adaptations, conservation and how we care for our animals, along with lots of fun facts. This is a great way for schools to get more education into their day and link again with the national curriculum. 

Some schools prefer to take their teaching session in the Foot Safari where they can explore on foot with smaller mammals, birds, sea lions and elephants. Schools have the option of booking an enclosure talk. They choose the enclosure and our educators meet them there to talk about animals found in it.

Post 16 Student Options

Even post compulsory students do not miss out. Undergraduate and post graduate students visit us for practical activities, study tours and classroom based lectures relevant to their course to support their learning. 

Schools also have the chance to go to any of the daily programme of keeper talks and demonstrations during the day.  Keepers talks have an educational focus and convey specific species information about behaviours, adaptations and conservation.

Holiday Workshops

Educational experiences for students and visitors continue outside of term time with a range of holiday workshops. 8-12 year olds can enjoy ‘A Week on the Wild Side’ where they spend five days enjoying hands on animal activities and learning all about the animals we have here.

For teenagers aged between 14-17, we offer ‘Working With Animals Week’. this is a perfect programme for those who want to fllow a career with animals. This week combines practical animal care tasks, lectures and behind the scenes tours to give participants a chance to build their experience and their knowledge of animals and conservation to help them achieve their career aims in the future.