Helping Rhinos

Woburn Safari Park is home to a number of Southern White Rhino which can be seen in the Savannah section of the Road Safari. Rhinos once roamed many places throughout Eurasia and Africa but unfortunately today, very few survive outside of national parks and reserves.

There are numerous threats that have contributed to the decline of the rhinos wild population, nearly all of which are caused by humans. Some young calves can fall prey to a range of predators including big cats, crocodiles and hyenas but the main factors affecting the rhinos wild population include the illegal rhino horn trade, habitat loss and political conflict.

Did you know?

In the last 40 years rhino populations have declined by 90%. That means that more rhinos are being killed than being born.

About Helping Rhinos

Helping Rhinos is a charity which is focused on ensuring the long-term secruity and survival of the rhino, along with other endangered wildlife in their natural habitats. 

The charity focuses on protecting rhino habitats, on providing protection in the form of anti-poaching initiatives such as dog patrol units and ranger training, alongside working with the community to help educate them on the benefits of protecting wildlife.

Helping Rhinos also works hard to produce education resources covering a range of conservation issues are also provided for use in schools, works with research organisations and governments.

Raising money for Helping Rhinos 

In 2019, the keepers at Woburn Safari Park held a Rhino Charity Weekend in aid of Helping Rhinos and raised over £700 across the weekend for the charity. 

The money raised from the charity event went towards the work that Helping Rhinos do at Zululand Rhino Orphanage.

The orphanage is currently home to six rhino orphans and two hippo orphans. The money raised was put towards caring for the orphans and so was spent on milk for them, as well as medication, feed, security, veterinary care and much more.

In 2020 the orphanage is hopeful that it will be able to release two of the older orphans back into the wild, after which they will be closely monitored.


The team will be holding this years' over the weekend of 29th-30th June 2020 and visitors will be able to enjoy mini-VIP trips with keepers to see these majestic giants up close, as well as games and raffles to help raise money for this important charity. To find out more, click here.