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Damini & Tarli black & white rears

International Elephant Foundation

The elephant herd and their team of keepers have been working hard each year raising funds to support the International Elephant Foundation. Read more about their good work for elephant charities worldwide.

Single Tiger Cub April 2016

Wildcats Conservation Alliance

Read about how and why the Amur tiger is protected by an Endangered Species Breeding programme and how Woburn Safari Park is involved.

Tusk 'Not for Sale' Garden at Woburn Safari Park

Tusk 'Not for Sale' Garden

An evocative new 'garden' has been opened in the Foot Safari at the Park to highlight the elephant ivory crisis. This brand new educational and emotive exhibit is supported by Prince William’s wildlife charity - Tusk; and the gets a new home at Woburn Safari Park.

Rhino - Single close up

Helping Rhinos

Helping Rhinos is a charity which is focused on ensuring the long-term secruity and survival of the rhino, along with other endangered wildlife in their natural habitats.

African Grey Parrot

World Parrot Trust

Woburn Safari Park's Head of Conservation and Head of Section - Animal Encounters has been involved with both the World Parrot Trust and is also the EAZA Species Monitor for the African Grey Parrot. Find out more about the conservation projects