Endangered Species at Woburn Safari Park

Woburn Safari Park staff have been working with other keepers, curators and experts at zoos and wildlife collections across Europe, on the committee of each of the following EEP's (European Endangered Species Programme) and will be consulted on some of the key breeding and transfer decisions within these programmes.

EEP animals species at Woburn Safari Park:

Road Safari: 
Grevy's Zebra 
Przewalski's Horse
Somali wild ass
Southern white rhino
Amur Tiger
Asian Elephant
Rothschild's giraffe
Eastern mountain bongo
Scimtar horned oryx
Vietnamese sika deer

Foot Safari: 
Humboldt penguin
Squirrel monkey
Golden Mantella frog
Egyptian Tortoise
Red Bellied Lemur
Black and White ruffed lemur
Red fronted lemur
Red panda


ESB animal species at Woburn Safari Park: 

Road Safari:
Sable antelope
Dwarf Forest Buffalo
Barbary Macaque Monkey

Foot Safari: 
Californian sea lion
Ring tailed lemur