Eastern Mountain Bongo

Saving the Eastern Mountain Bongo

The Eastern mountain bongo species faces multiple threats, these include poaching, habitat loss and habitat fragmentation. Conservationists have estimated that this species could be extinct within the next ten years, unless significant action is taken.

EEP captive population management

In captivity bongo are intensively managed through an EEP (European Endangered Species Programme) which aims to maintain a genetically diverse and viable captive population. To ensure the best long term management decisions are made for this species the bongo EEP is composed of a coordinator and several Species Committee members. 

The role of the EEP is not simply maintaining captive animals, it plays a key role in publicising the plight of this species, provides resources and expertise and provides baseline genetic data.

Supporting conservation in the field

By working alongside conservation organisations such as the Bongo Surveillance Project, Rare Species Conservatory Foundation and the Kenya Wildlife Service, the bongo EEP can assist field studies into the ecology of this species but also assist vital genetic studies of both the captive and wild populations.

By funding a Population Habitat Viability Assessment (PHVA) the bongo EEP is assisting in the development of a global metapopulation management plan whereby the genes from captive animals could be used to supplement the genetics of existing wild animals.  

Read more about the Bongo Surveillance Project online here.