About Woburn Safari Park

For a day packed with animal encounters and wonderful wildlife, visit Woburn with over 1,000 wild animals including lions, tigers and bears. Today, it is an award winning attraction which makes a valuable contribution to conservation. Most of all, it is a place where families can enjoy being together and seeing animals in a beautiful environment.

Your day out includes unlimited repeat circuits of the Road Safari drive through animal reserves, followed by adventures in the Foot Safari with a fantastic daily programme of keeper talks and demonstrations. Most of the leisure activities at Woburn Safari Park are included in your great value ticket price.  

Check out all the exciting new attractions at the park! We hope that you enjoy your visit.


Every year the team at Woburn Safari Park work hard to raise funds for major campaigns that support the continued survival of specific animals and habitats. For details of our past and current fundraising activities, please click here.


Woburn has been deeply involved with species conservation for over a hundred years. Today, the Safari Park is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence for the conservation of endangered wildlife. To find out about our current conversation programme, please click here.

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Woburn Safari Park forms part of the Woburn Enterprises Partnership, Registered Office: Bedford Office, Woburn, Milton Keynes, MK17 9PQ, Registered in England No. 0966094, VAT No. 68 397 467.

For more information please call 01525 290407 or email info@woburnsafari.co.uk

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