A one year old female African lion walks past at Woburn Safari Park

African Lion: Amara


Meet Amara

Amara is one of the lionesses in the 10-strong pride living within Kingdom of the Carnivores. She is one of the four 'lockdown' lion cubs born to lioness Dakota in 2020. 

You can see Amara in the Kingdom of the Carnivores in the Road Safari.

About Amara


Amara lives in a large 32 acre enclosure where she can roam free (except for an area towards the security gates), under the supervision of an experienced keeper on patrol. The lions have a house where they spend time overnight, with access to a smaller paddock. This provides 24/7 access outdoors.

Amara is one of the youngest lions in the pride, after being born during the lockdown in 2020. She is one of the smallest and most slender lionesses within the pride, so should be easy to spot. She is a typical youngster and is described as having quite a mischievous and playful character!



She is a confident individual and is always up for exploring alongside her brothers but she is also quite content relaxing with her mother, Dakota.

Amara can quite often be seen running, playing and climbing the smaller trees in the enclosure, alongside her brothers Zulu, Hasani and Iniko. She enjoys practicing her stalking and pouncing on enrichment objects that keepers hide around their large 32-acre enclosure.

Five teenage lions rest on tree stumps

African lions

Lions are social big cats that live in prides. Woburn's pride of 10 lions live in a 32 acre reserve with the freedom to roam and exercise within a larger space than many zoo environments.