Safari Stars

Mishka The Amur Tiger At Woburn Safari Park (1)


Mishka is one of the four Amur tigers living at Woburn Safari Park within the Kingdom of the Carnivores. She lives at the Park alongside her sister Milashki, mother Minerva and father Elton.

Noku The Porcupine


Noko is an African Crested Porcupines living down at Desert Springs alongside the meerkats and mongoose. Noko spends most of her time sleeping and enjoying tasty treats.

Star animal - Gilbert Flipped


Woburn Safari Park has a large collection of Humboldt penguins, including 24 adults and an ever growing population of young.

Star Monkey Berlinga 2


Berlinga lives in the African Jungle drive-through reserve at Woburn Safari Park and is part of the troop of Barbary Macaques monkeys.

Casper Giraffe 2


Casper is a Rothschild's Giraffe and lives at Giraffe Junction in the Road Safari.

Tullulah Flipped


Tullulah is one of the lionesses within our pride of nine lions at Woburn Safari Park. She is actually the cousin of the other individuals within the pride, but is treated like a fellow sibling.

Albert Star Aldabra2


Albert lives in the Foot Safari, in the Animal Encounters section of the park. As you might imagine, Albert enjoys grazing on the grass in the sunshine.

Pepe Star Greater Cockatoo


Pepe is a Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo which are native to Australia; he is by far our cheekiest bird. Pepe is still very young for a parrot - they can live up 60 years old, or even longer!

Raja Flipped


Raja is the male elephant in the Woburn Safari Park herd, living with four females Chandrika, Damini, Yu Zin and juvenile Tarli, in a specially designed house.

Star Rhino - Mirijam 2


Mirijam is a Southern White Rhino and she arrived at Woburn Safari Park in 2010, she lives with two other rhino in the Savannah Grasslands reserves.