Sea Lion Cove

Sea Lion Cove is the indoor sea lion pool showcasing live sea lion demonstrations every day. Check the timetable you are handed on arrival for times.

There are daily screenings of fun animated entertainment - 'Son of Bigfoot', a short film taking the audience on a 3D adventure to join Bigfoot and son, andall their quirky woodland animals friends, for the adventure of a lifetime.

Audiences can also watch ‘Safari Park Adventure 3D’, a series going behind the scenes with the animals and keepers of the park. Filmed on location for the Discovery Channel, the show was a huge success on Sky 3D and these short feature length episodes take you into the lives of Kai the rhino as he meets his new mates, and right inside the lion house with the pride of African lions.

Sea Lion Cove is the indoor demonstration pool and is home to Californian Sea Lions.

(Please note that the 'Son of Bigfoot' short film contains scenes of flashing imagery)