Sea Lion Beach (temporary home to Penguins)

Sea Lion Beach is the temporary home to Woburn's colony of Humboldt penguins. During this time the sea lions have access to their six indoor pools in Sea Lion Cove.

During the early part of the year and into Spring, the outdoor pool at Sea Lion Beach will be populated by the penguins, as their home at Penguin World goes under construction for an exciting redevelopment. 

Penguin keeper talks and feeds will take place at their usual times, at Sea Lion Beach, until they return to their own home (see your timetable of daily talks here).

The Humboldt penguin species living at Woburn Safari Park is from the warm climates of coastal South America and prefer our more temperate weather to the freezing cold homes of most penguin species.  

Catch one of two daily talk and feeds with the dedicated keepers of the park and learn more about the breeding pairs of penguins that live at the park. 

Sea Lion Beach is no.17 on your Safari Park map.