Elephant Meadow

The elephant herd can usually be seen spending their mornings in the pastures alongside the Road Safari. The herd and keepers walk down to Elephant Meadow for a 'meet and greet' session to see visitors and then in the afternoon, will enjoy a walk across the estate with their keepers. 

Visitors will love the clever design at Elephant Meadow, which gives an uninterrupted view of the elephants as they enjoy their grass reserve, with the clever use of an invisible barrier (known as a ha-ha).

The females of the Asian elephant herd love this extended space, as Elephant Meadow is a first for UK zoos, with a generous 6,000 square metres for the three female elephants of the herd.

Meet the Elephants and get close enough to touch!

Visitors can join the keepers daily* at 1.30pm for very special ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions, which allows individuals the chance to see these animals and learn more about them from their keepers. During winter season (Nov to early Feb) the elephant demo usually takes place at weekends only.

Woburn Safari Park is the only wildlife park in the UK where you can get this close to the elephants!

*Please note: on certain days, the elephant meet and greet demonstration may not take place for health and safety or during particularly bad weather. Please check the website home page, we show a notification when it is not taking place.

Elephant Meadow is home to Asian Elephants.