A walk on the wild side

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  • Desert Springs

    Desert Springs is a mixed enclosure with covered walkways, where you'll see mischievous meerkats, yellow mongoose and an African crested porcupine.

  • Elephant Meadow

    Learn all about Yu Zin, Chandrika and Damini, the Asian Elephants and sometimes get close enough to touch the beautiful Asian Elephants.

  • Sea Lion Cove

    A unique attraction combining an indoor sea lion pool, with a 3D cinema experience!

  • Birds of Prey

    Meet the fascinating birds of prey and owls in this open air section, with daily talks and demonstrations.

  • Birds in Action

    Home to the colourful Macaws and Cockatoos, take a seat for one of two daily demonstrations.

  • Rainbow Landing

    Meet colourful Lories and Lorikeets in their tropical walk-in aviary and feed them a pot of nectar.

  • Penguin World

    See the penguins in their pool, on the walkway above or watch them through their viewing window below.

  • Land of the Lemurs

    Follow the foot safari pathways to Animal Encounters and journey to the Land of the Lemurs.

  • Sea Lion Beach

    Sea Lion Beach is home to five Californian sea lions who love splashing around in their pool.

  • Australian Walkabout

    Walk through the shady area of the Australian Walkabout with Greater Rhea and Red Necked Wallabies.

  • The Dissscovery Zone

    The Dissscovery Zone gives visitors the chance to get up close to some of our more scaly, slimy and secretive species.

  • Chelonia Pathways

    Chelonia Pathways is home to a group of Aldabra giant tortoises named Flo, Albert, Ken, Harold and Gordon. Their new enclosure enables visitors to almost walk amongst them thanks to a specially designed bridge.

  • Farmyard Friends

    Home to Anglo-nubian goats, Pygmy goats, a Kunekune pig, Somali black-headed sheep, two Abyssinian donkeys and a friendly Shetland pony.

  • Himalayan Heights

    Himalayan Heights is home to a pair of red panda and features an indoor viewing area, as well as a large outdoor enclosure featuring rope ladders and a tunnel area over visitors' h

  • Capybara Caves

    Capybara Caves is a new attraction in Animal Encounters, giving visitors the chance to get up close to the world's largest rodent species.

  • Take the Great Woburn Railway to the Alpaca Outpost, where you’ll be able to hop off and hand feed our new Alpaca arrivals!

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