A walk on the wild side

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  • Desert Springs

    Desert Springs is a mixed enclosure with covered walkways, where you'll see mischievous meerkats, yellow mongoose and an African crested porcupine.

  • Elephant Meadow

    Learn all about Yu Zin, Chandrika, Damini and Tarli, the Asian Elephants and you might even get close enough to touch them at the end of the talk and demonstration!

  • Sea Lion Cove

    Sea Lion Cove is home to the Californian sea lions, where they enjoy 6 separate indoor pools.

  • Sea Lion Beach (temporary home to Penguins)

    Sea Lion Beach is normally home to the sea lions, but the penguins have moved in temporarily while their home at Penguin World is redeveloped.

  • Birds of Prey

    Meet the fascinating birds of prey and owls in this open air section, with daily talks and demonstrations.

  • Birds in Action

    Home to the colourful Macaws and Cockatoos, take a seat for one of two daily demonstrations.

  • Rainbow Landing

    Meet colourful Lories and Lorikeets in their tropical walk-in aviary and feed them a pot of nectar.

  • Land of the Lemurs

    Follow the foot safari pathways to Animal Encounters and journey to the Land of the Lemurs.

  • Penguin World

    This enclosure is currently closed for refurbishment, but you can still see the penguins at Sea Lion Beach.

  • Monkey Business

    Home to the troop of adorable Squirrel monkeys, scampering through the trees.

  • Australian Walkabout

    Walk through the shady area of the Australian Walkabout with Greater Rhea and Red Necked Wallabies.

  • The Dissscovery Zone

    The Dissscovery Zone gives visitors the chance to get up close to some of our more scaly, slimy and secretive species.

  • Chelonia Pathways

    Chelonia Pathways is home to a group of Aldabra giant tortoises named Flo, Albert, Ken, Harold and Gordon. Their new enclosure enables visitors to almost walk amongst them thanks to a specially designed bridge.

  • Farmyard Friends

    Home to Anglo-nubian goats, Pygmy goats, a Kunekune pig, Somali black-headed sheep, two Abyssinian donkeys and a friendly Shetland pony.

  • See Asian Short Clawed Otters playing in and around a cascading waterfall.

  • Himalayan Heights

    Himalayan Heights is home to a pair of red panda and features an indoor viewing area, as well as a large outdoor enclosure featuring rope ladders and a tunnel area over visitors' h

  • Capybara Caves

    Capybara Caves is a new attraction in Animal Encounters, giving visitors the chance to get up close to the world's largest rodent species.

  • Alpaca Outpost

    Take the Great Woburn Railway to the Alpaca Outpost, where you’ll be able to hop off and hand feed our new Alpaca arrivals!

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