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Penguin Charity Event 2016 Stall

Penguin Charity Event Raises over £3,000

The keepers in Animal Encounters spent their weekend fundraising and raising awareness for the Punta San Juan charity that supports Humboldt penguins in the wild. First estimates show the team of staff and our lovely visitors have helped raise over £3,000!

Kevin Posing With Save The Rhino

Peddling hard to Save The Rhino

Woburn Safari Park's Maintenance Supervisor, Kevin Firth, will be donning the lycra and cycling 100 miles through and around the city of London to raise money for Save The Rhino International.

Goose The Penguin Chick

New faces down in Penguin World

Penguin World down in Animal Encounters has welcomed four new Humboldt penguin chicks. They will soon be able to be seen within their enclosure - swimming in the water or waddling around on the bank with other members of the colony.

Save The Rhino Charity Weekend

Update on the rhino charity weekend

Woburn Safari Park's Reserves team worked hard over the bank holiday weekend to raise money for Save The Rhino International, with a fantastic amount donated to this very important charity.

Tiger Cubs At Wsp

Update on the tiger cubs

The Amur tiger cubs are now eight months old and are getting bigger and bigger each day. Read about the fun they have been having in their pool as well as the amount of meat they consume now they are weaned from mum, Minerva.

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