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Mambo On A Log

Mali gets a new friend in Himalayan Heights

A second female Red panda named Mambo has moved into Himalayan Heights down in the Foot Safari to join current resident, Mali.

Monkey On Top Of Car

Fun for everyone, whatever the weather!

Don't be put off by the rain this summer as Woburn Safari Park is actually far more weatherproof than you might expect!

Rainbow Landing Girl With Lories

Your Safari Adventure Guide

Is this your first visit to Woburn Safari Park? It's so much more than a zoo or a drive-through animal park. Here is all the information you'll need to enjoy your day out.

Red Panda 1

A Fluffy New Arrival in the Foot Safari

New enclosure in Animal Encounters, Himalayan Heights, has welcomed its first resident as red panda Mali moves into her new bachelorette pad in the Foot Safari.

Mac The Zebra

Matchmaking zebra keepers hope Mac will become the daddy

An endangered male Grevy's zebra has been moved in to the Park as part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP) in the hope that he will be a breeding ‘match’ for one of the Park’s lovely lady zebras.

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