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'Otterly' adorable new faces in Animal Encounters

Otter Falls has recently become home to some new little faces. Very lucky visitors may get the chance to catch a glimpse although mum and dad are keeping a very close eye on the youngsters...

Goose The Penguin Chick

Lots of Happy Feet at Penguin World

Watch the video of keeper Laura Ashton as she tells all about the penguins and the latest arrivals in Penguin World and why they are so important to the species.

Tiger Cubs Up On The Platform

Amur Tiger Cubs at 10 months old!

Mishka and MIlashki, the two Amur tiger cubs born last year, are now 10 months old and have begun to show their differing personalities to keepers. They are also beginning to spend more time with their father Elton...

Tarli In The Evergreens

Tarli update at 22 months old

Tarli the Asian elephant calf is now almost two years old and is still enjoying learning how to be an elephant from other members of the herd. Recently, she has learnt how to swim, as well as how to use her trunk to the best of its ability...

Boy Eating Pizza Web Banner

New Pizza Takeaway Service

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