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Tarli In The Evergreens

Tarli update at 22 months old

Tarli the Asian elephant calf is now almost two years old and is still enjoying learning how to be an elephant from other members of the herd. Recently, she has learnt how to swim, as well as how to use her trunk to the best of its ability...

Aldabra Tortoises Head to Head

Meet the Safari Stars this Summer!

Make some new friends on safari and get closer to the wildlife, meet tiger cubs, monkeys, giraffe, lions and bears. Plus enjoy loads of free indoor and outdoor activities, included in your ticket price.

Bioblitz Logo

Annual BioBlitz survey 2016

Woburn Safari Park recently took part in their third annual BioBlitz survey with the help of the Bedfordshire Natural History Society (BNHS), to document living species within the Park.

Eland And Wildebeest Calves (1)

An unlikely friendship...

An unlikely friendship has blossomed within the Reserves section of the Road Safari, between two animals who would not normally socialise together in the wild.

Lindsay Banks And Caspar The Giraffe

From Woburn to Chicago to help protect giraffe

Senior Reserves keeper, Lindsay Banks, recently attended the Internation Giraffid Conference which was held at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, USA. The conference brought together giraffe professionals from all over the world and included recognised conservationists, vets, keepers and enthusiasts.

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