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Two By Two Film In 3D Dvd

WIN 'Two By Two' on DVD and lots of film merchandise

Woburn Safari Park have teamed up with the fantastic family animated film 'Two By Two' to offer ten lucky winners the chance to win a copy of the DVD and a merchandise pack filled with loads of themed goodies!

Sea Lions Down At Sea Lion Beach

Sea Lion Beach - keeping the animals safe

Sea Lion Beach is home to five adorable Californian sea lions, but their outdoor pool is being littered with rubbish and items dropped in by visitors and which could cause serious problems for the animals.

Megan Rix Ele Shoot

{Video} When Megan Rix met the herd...

In January, Woburn Safari Park welcomed author Megan Rix to meet the herd of Asian elephants including newcomer Tarli. The day was to film a promotional video to accompany the release of Megan’s new children’s book, ‘The Runaways’. The book is about an elephant and her calf, who escape the circus with the help of a Sheep dog in World War One.

Barbary Macaque Baby Hugging Mum

Mini monkey mayhem in African Forest

The African Forest is home to seven new baby Barbary Macaques and two Patas monkeys this summer. The youngsters are delighting visitors to the Road Safari drive through as they begin to wander away from their mothers more and more for playtime.

Ring Tailed Lemur Twins Wsp (1)

Double trouble in Land of Lemurs

Land of Lemurs welcomed twin girls Lexi and Anya back in March. Born to mum Koko, the siblings have settled in well and are growing into mischievous little youngsters!

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