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Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Geochelone gigantea

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  3. Least Concern
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  6. Endangered
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About Us

Here at Woburn we currently have five Aldabra Tortoises. Harold, Ken and Gordon love to graze in the sunshine and use their powerful legs to make a mess and dig holes in their paddock; Albert is the largest out of the group, he is over 20 kg! Finally, we have Flo, the only female of the bunch, and the smallest. Despite her size she makes up for it in personality, see if you can spot her standing tall with her neck out stretched, she’s waiting for a tickle!

Aldabra atoll (Seychelles) in the Indian Ocean islands
Scrub areas, mangrove swamps and coastal dunes
Length Males 122cm, females 90cm
Males 250kg, females 150kg
Up to 150 years
Predators such as rats and cats and competitors for food such as goats.
Albert Star Aldabra2

Meet Albert the Aldabra Tortoise

Albert lives in the Foot Safari, in the Animal Encounters section of the park. As you might imagine, Albert enjoys grazing on the grass in the sunshine.