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Asian Short Clawed Otter

Aonyx cinerea

  1. Not Evaluated
  2. Data Deficient
  3. Least Concern
  4. Near Threatened
  5. Vulnerable
  6. Endangered
  7. Critically Endangered
  8. Extinct in the Wild
  9. Extinct

About Us

The Asian Short Clawed Otter is the smallest of all the Otter species.

Its name comes from the very small claws on its fingers, they rely on their sensitive and dexterous fingers to forage for their prey, and so do not have the long claws which most otters have. Because of this they also have less webbing between their digits than other otters.

There are two Asian Short Clawed Otters here at Woburn, Kovu and Kelani, a young male and female. You’ll find them in the animal encounters section, often playing and foraging in the waterfall which runs through their enclosure.

India, Asia, Philippines, Taiwan, China
Rivers, creeks, wetlands, mangroves and rice fields
70-96cm including the tail
Wild: 8-10 years; captivity 20 years
Habitat loss, fur trade, traditional medicine trade and pollution.