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Asian Elephant

Elephas Maximus

  1. Not Evaluated
  2. Data Deficient
  3. Least Concern
  4. Near Threatened
  5. Vulnerable
  6. Endangered
  7. Critically Endangered
  8. Extinct in the Wild
  9. Extinct

About Us

Elephants are the largest land mammal in the world; they are strong and also very intelligent and social. Inhabiting Asia’s forests, elephants are herbivorous and are seen in large family groups. Also known as Pachyderms, which is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘thick skinned’.

There are five Asian Elephants living at Woburn Safari Park, including four females -  Yu-Zin, Damini, Chandrika and calf Tarli, along with one male - Raja. Damini, Chandrika and Raja came from West Bengal in India in 1997 and Yu-Zin came from Holland in 2010.

Yu-Zin is our oldest Elephant here at the park and was born in 1979, Chandrika was born in 1992 and Damini and Raja were both born in 1994. Elephant calf Tarli was born to mum Damini and dad Raja in September 2014. 



Asia, Sri Lanka, Borneo and Sumatra
Grassland, Forest and Scrubland
Up to 10ft (3m) tall
3 to 5 tonnes
60-75 years in captivity
Loss of habitat, poaching for ivory