Safari Stars

Noku The Porcupine


Noku is an African Crested Porcupines living down at Desert Springs alongside the meerkats and mongoose. Noku spends most of her time sleeping and enjoying tasty treats.

Star animal - Gilbert Flipped


Woburn Safari Park has a large collection of Humboldt penguins, including 24 adults and an ever growing population of young.

Sea Lion close up


Monica is one of our four Californian sea lions living at Woburn Safari Park at Sea Lion Cove and Sea Lion Beach in the Foot Safari area of the park.

Star Monkey Berlinga 2


Berlinga lives in the African Jungle drive-through reserve at Woburn Safari Park and is part of the troop of Barbary Macaques monkeys.

Tullulah Flipped


Tullulah is one of the lionesses within our pride of nine lions at Woburn Safari Park. She is actually the cousin of the other individuals within the pride, but is treated like a fellow sibling.

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